David Randall


david randall

As a boutique agency, we’re able to use a hands-on approach to every project we take in-house. This structure allows us to give clients the personal attention they need, while delivering the high production values their projects deserve.

Since forming Randall Creative in 1991, David has been developing exciting new ways to connect, entertain and motivate audiences around the world. He’s written and produced scores of award-winning promotions for Film and TV clients including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox Broadcasting, Warner Bros and The Walt Disney Company.

Over the past 10 years, David has expanded into Web Video Marketing for corporate clients with a focus on major Healthcare and Renewable Energy clients. Into this Brave New World he brings The Art of Storytelling, Innovative Video Production and Interactive Marketing Platforms to produce game-changing results for clients, customers…and the world.  Clients include American General Insurance, Boston Mutual LIfe, Davis Vision, BP Solar and Solar Electrical Systems.

Mary Zakrasek, Ph.D.

Co-Owner and Executive Producer

 “There is no more delightfully serious function in life and in business that to create joy.”  William McDonough

Mary Zakrasek, Ph.D. is an Educational Media Specialist, an Award-Winning Creative Director, and Co-Founder of Randall Creative.

For over 20 years, she’s been producing results-driven marketing, sales, educational and interactive video productions for leading brands that consistently exceed sales, marketing goals and client expectations.

Her expertise in spotting emerging trends and technologies in Video, Marketing and Sustainability create meaningful value and build competitive advantage for clients.

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